A Composer's Adventures


January 2012

Can Classical Music Match the Power of Movies?

KubrickA few spin-off thoughts from last week’s blog on Music and Imagery:  find it ironic that films have made some obscure contemporary classical music famous by association. Stanley Kubrick chose four works by Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti for his famous film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Before this movie, few people had heard of Ligeti, whose works were played mainly on new music concerts.… Read the rest

Music and Imagery

ArtistI just saw The Artist, and was struck by how essential music was to silent film. Even though some of The Artist was schmaltzy, its music supported the film’s exaggerated mime-acting very well. It probably contributed a lot to the standing ovation the film got at the Toronto International Film Festival.… Read the rest

Is Music Therapy?

BartokIn my second year at university, I exhausted myself in an effort to catch up in my classical music training. I was overtired and depressed and even had student counseling, but that didn’t help me overcome the feeling that I was failing.… Read the rest