A Composer's Adventures


Colgrass PercussionMichael Colgrass: Percussion Music, 1951-1957





Colgrass CollectionMichael Colgrass: Composer’s Collection





Urban Requiem

Urban Requiem for four saxophones and wind orchestra





Urban R Alany Records

Urban Requiem with the University of Miami Wind Ensemble 





Deja vu

Deja vu for wind ensemble





Deja vu 2

Deja vu, original recording under Leonard Slatkin





Arctic Dreams

Arctic Dreams for winds






Fantasy-Variations for percussion





Dream Dancer

Dream Dancer for alto saxophone and wind ensemble





Hammer and Bow

Hammer and Bow, fantasy for violin and marimba






Variations for four drums and viola 






Chaconne for viola and orchestra





Nagual Northwestern

Winds of Nagual performed by the Northwestern Wind Ensemble






Winds of Nagual for wind ensemble






Variations for four drums and viola performed by Rivka Golani





Snow Walker

Snow Walker for organ and orchestra

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