A Composer's Adventures

Composer, author and teacher Michael Colgrass
January 3, 2012

Is Music Therapy?

BartokIn my second year at university, I exhausted myself in an effort to catch up in my classical music training. I was overtired and depressed and even had student counseling, but that didn’t help me overcome the feeling that I was failing.… Read the rest

Great Memories in Music

StravinskyAs musicians we often complain about the hardships of our profession—funding problems, lack of appreciation for quality, and the intense competition for employment. But when we’re together, we usually share stories about the fun and sheer enjoyment of making music.

In thinking over my many exciting memories as a performer and composer, one stood out especially — for combining great music, fine performers and near disaster.… Read the rest

Is Talent Enough to Succeed?

ColgrassIf you are an extraordinary musician you will succeed in the music business. What could possibly stop you? A group of young musicians looked for answers last week at a panel called “Career Moves” organized by Ann Summers Dossena of the International Resource Centre for Performing Artists. … Read the rest